Is Dayton Discontinuing Production of the D415T Trailer Tire?

Posted by Stevie Beckett on 9/28/2017 to News
Beckett Tire has been hearing for some time that Dayton's popular and affordable D415T trailer tire might be discontinued.  

This news has just been confirmed by Dayton / Bridgestone / Firestone corporate representatives and dealers have begun expressing their disappointment in hopes corporate will change their mind.  A source from Dayton corporate mentioned production capacity currently being used to produce the D415T in Tennessee will be diverted to the Bridgestone and Firestone lines.

This same source added that the D415T, which is made in the USA, will be replaced by the Chinese manufactured D410T.  

The reason for the disappointment among truck tire dealers is based on the fact that the Chineses made D410T did not perform well and sales were not as robust as they have been for the solid rib D415T trailer tire.